Eat a bowl of dicks....phrase means...put a pile of random penises in your mouth.... Bitch. a whole bowl of dicks......Please place a whole pile penises in your word hole, by means of a bowl.
Used in a sentence

Hey a bowl of dicks.

Mikey was an insulant prick last night and I told him to eat a whole bowl of dicks.
by Wolf balls. September 19, 2012
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also known as "eat a bowl", when some frustrates you so much that there is nothing else u can tell them.
mom- "clean your room"
son- "eat a bowl of dick"
by walking goddess October 20, 2013
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For a man to have his penis forcibly sucked by another man while his grandmother cooks brownies.
Me: Bro, I could totally go for a eat a bowl of cereal right a about now
My friend: Now don't be getting any ideas...
My grandma: Yeah it is way to late for sweets
by The pig god October 20, 2017
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the ultimate diss, typed in all caps, first uttered by SICK1 in the online browser-based game solar empire
noob: (some typical stupid statement by a noob)

by drumac January 9, 2009
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