A leprechaun of a man that uses trickery and shiny objects to sleep with women. As with most victims of leprechauns, the more greedy/opportunistic a woman is the more likely she will be to be trapped by a Condon.

The other type of victim may be someone in a staggering relationship, when he offers to listen. This type of victim is usually convinced by promise of a better future than what she has.
I heard she was having problems in her relationship, but I thought she was smarter than to sleep with a Condon.
by notacondon November 7, 2011
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The best fucking brand owned by one of the sexiest niggas Bigslime DEO. I lied that nigga is a fucking liar been teasing tees for over one year and doesn't wnat to drop them. Still love you tho Bruce
5 fucking months later still no condone tees.
by Kilbubba March 31, 2022
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(verb) to get eaten out on a bathroom floor while/after you just puked your guts out in the toilet at a house party or bar with a guy you do not know. It is possible you might get walked in on in the act by someone who knows all your friends, but its not necessarily implied.
I got condoned last, I hope i don't run into him on campus because that's awkward.
by bathroomeatoutgirl December 28, 2010
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A person named nate who most likely lives in a condo.
Dude, lets stop by condonate's for a brew.
by condonate May 4, 2007
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Guy#1- Man that girl is smokin hot.
Guy#2- I'd Condone that.

by talking_goat April 8, 2009
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a word most people spell as "condom" in their mind.
by WrapCrap February 1, 2019
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