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1. The collective name for the Canadian Provinces of Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

2.Where many of the inter-provincial Canadian immigrants are from.

3.A quiet, affordable, reasonably safe and naturally beautiful (if not boring) place to have a home and raise a family or take a vacation.
1. Want a summer full of Lobster and beaches but light on the wallet? Head on down to the Maritimes.

2.I saw alot of people from the maritimes when I went to Calgary for that job interview.

3.If you want a quiet life near an ocean where you don't have to pay 3000$ a month for a basement apartment and worry about mountain lions eating you on the way to your car, do we have the place for you.
by labardine July 10, 2008
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Maritimes - to the worthless deadbeat Ryan S McNamara - the Maritimes happens to be one of the FEW places in Canada where they happen to speak PROPER UK English. He says hick - most of the rest of Canada in comparison speaks the American English which as the rest of the world knows is the hick English. .... Maritimes can attribute themselves to the fact that their accent in particular is original & authentic. Basically they're not losers who want to be Americans, like a vast majority of Canadians, and speak PROPER English.
Ryan S McNamara is a inbred hick who is not from the Maritimes.
by JamesWolf April 04, 2015
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I agree with the other guy, Ryan, who shit all over this region! Because it IS a piece of shit place to live! Friendly people - my ass. I have lived successfully in every major city in Canada. Why the hell did I feel it necessary to come out east then? Fuck knows! The biggest mistake I ever made.
The maritimes breed are just a bunch of sorry-ass whiners and complainers out here - and some who even think they're better than everyone else HA! now if that isn't a Laugh Out Loud notion, nothing is.
by mrc2010 July 28, 2010
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