Shit, shower, and shave (the British military called it "ablutions") was a phrase that originated in WWI, where the US military tried to "train" soldiers to perform certain functions ( to shit, shower, and you guessed it) in the morning so as to not be interrupted during actual combat (WWI was primarily a "daylight" war). By the end of WWII, combat was a 24 hour event, and they could never actually TRAIN the body to crap on command, so the practice was dropped. I've never heard anyone use it who wasn't a veteran of WWII. My dad (a WWII marine) used to say it in the morning and assumed that I (A Vietnam vet) knew what he was talking about. I just thought to myself "gee, dad, that's a weird thing to share..."
shit shower shave

Well, time to go shit, shower, and shave.
by Maxsdad October 29, 2019
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the most refreshing order to clean up, a three step process.

1. take a shit, never do this last
2. have a shower, feel clean
3. shave, either in the shower or alternitavely after the shower, if you got face hair.
guy 1on phone: HEEEEY!
guy 2: hi there.
guy 1: what time do you wanna meet up tonight?
guy 2: well i need enough time to shit shower shave
guy 1: alright, we'll say 12
guy 2: woah! midnights a bit late, dont you think?
guy 1: well, your a hairy muthalicka, might take you a while
guy 2: i'll have you know, i have a beard as luch as zeus and a mullet as sweet as lincolns.
guy 1: whatever man, just be there by 9.
guy 2: word.
guy 1: and stop saying word, while your at it.
by eeeisforellen June 29, 2009
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getting yourself ready to go out.
lachlan: hey mate you wanna come over to my place?
ben: yer just let me shit shower shave n shampoo first. hokay?
by blommy May 21, 2005
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1. a routine that all men should follow if not already doing.

2. something most of Europe hasn't done.
Dad: "always remember to shit shower and shave."

Sonny: "ok papa."
by Kevin July 27, 2004
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Originating in the U.S. Army of WWII, this is the shorthand slogan to describe the hygiene preparation an enlisted soldier must do to ready himself for a military inspection by superiors.

"Shine" refers to the careful and thorough polishing of one's black military boots.

Now it has entered civilian use to mean preparation for any important social event in which one must look good, often abbreviated nowadays to just "shit, shave and shower".
Soldier 1: "We've got an inspection later today from the brass."

Soldier 2: "Guess it's time to shit, shave, shower and shine."
by david lincoln brooks February 18, 2013
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to do four functions while using the least amount water and still be clean.
i will have a shit shave shower and wank then I can go out
by pittaway 45 August 26, 2008
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