Acronym meaning Shit, Shave & Shower. Order of words vary depending on the preferences of the user.

For example, you may Shit, Shave & Shower, but your friend might Shit, Shower & Shave.
by DTraj May 16, 2007
Spooky Scary Sunday
The best YouTube series to ever exist, hosted by Cory Kenshin
Niko: Yo Tory u ready for the SSS to drop tonight?
Tory: Fuck yeah! Ima have to go buy some snacks first
by 999.b3lla October 20, 2021
Dumb-ass baseball fan: "Dude, Aaron Rowand is hitting .353 over the past week"
Fan: "SSS, he's hitting .219 over the whole year, he'll back to striking out on sliders in the dirt in no time"
by hank25 July 31, 2010
Study Shrek September

Just wach any Shrek film on any day of September
by Shrek_Fan November 13, 2020
Lucy is such a good SSS, she can find anything about anyone, anywhere!
by notyourrouter August 9, 2012
Shoot, Shovel, Shut-up. A way of eliminating unwanted acquaintances.
I think a little SSS might solve this problem
by Mazeman June 28, 2006