Completely drunk to the point of ignorance. Unknowingly peeing on inanimate objects or oneself.

Scott Johnson was shit boxed every day of college.
by DirkNiggla September 08, 2003
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The leaving of fecal matter in a bag or a box, secretly hidden in a small room (especially dorm rooms) as a prank or revenge.
Hey, we shit-boxed Scott. He should smell that in a week or two!
by annonymous April 11, 2005
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Australian slang for a beat up- rust eaten- fall apart type of car. ie a datsun 180b.
by i own a shit box November 03, 2004
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Can either be a beat up rusty old pick up truck of 2X4 or 4x4 suspension; or if you are in the military of your country it is the locker/footlocker you store your "shit", i.e. personal kit in...
eg. 1 There is a shitbox pickup truck contest on at the exhibition grounds in three weeks!!!
eg. 2 Shake out your shitboxes, and line up the contents on your bunks, plugs! Inspection in twenty six mike! the Sergeant shouted, booming....
by J. Michael Reiter July 14, 2004
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"damn honey, u really smashed my shit box this morning."
by VinDeisel May 08, 2009
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A shit box is another word for a mammals anal sphincter.
Yo, check out the shit box on that
bar-whore over there!
by MT Sack June 21, 2003
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