1) a male whose commitment to nudity stops above the waist. 2) a common phenomenon among cartoon characters wherein the character is deprived of pants; see Donald Duck, Ziggy, Winnie the Pooh, etc.
I got invited to go to Burning Man this year, but was scared off by the sheer number of shirtcockers in attendance.
by Charles Worschatz July 14, 2006
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A committed nudie who hangs out at hotsprings, burning man, nude beaches, clothing optional clubs etc. who sometimes wears just a t-shirt while his junk is flopping around for all the world to appreciate.
After getting a sunburn on my back, I just went as a shirtcocker the rest of the day.
by Jackson 5 August 31, 2006
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(verb) To walk around wearing a shirt but no pants or undergarments. Synonym of Donald Duck. Technically applies to men only, but plumbing issues aside, easily applies to women, too. Sometimes a mild pejorative, implying imcompleteness or an unwillingness to commit.
"It's so beautiful out, I'll think I'll shirtcock today." (verb form)

"There sure were a lot of shirtcockers out on the playa this year." (noun form)

"When Mozart died, he shirtcocked his 'Requiem.' Someone else had to finish it." (verb form, implied meaning)

"Annaconda, quit shirtcocking and just pick a place to eat!" (verb form, implied meaning)
by Rex Havuk October 21, 2004
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verb: meaning to wear only a shirt and no pants or underwear, hence just a shirt and cock. However, can also be applied to girls. May have first been created at Burning Man.
I only saw his little pale butt as he was shirtcocking when he chased my cat Snickers out of the room.
by Bloodrunna August 3, 2010
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A nudist practice involving wearing nothing but a shirt, usually a t-shirt that ends above the waste.
That smelly old hippie with the Burn It! t-shirt and no pants is shirtcocking in the wrong town. Get him!
by Prof. Toofin Gersinmee April 21, 2006
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Anywhere there is potential of male or female nudity, be it a nude beach or a desert festival like Burning Man, etc. shirtcockers abound like environmental bedbugs, pests biting at an overall aura. While most shirtcockers manage to find viewing spots of the genitals on display such as behind the tree looking through their high-powered binoculars or behind trail rocks or outcroppings should the shirtcocker want to begin mindlessly stoking his junk as though he's in the privacy of his own boudoir, occasionally even a shirtcocker takes his eyes off the ball(s)/pubic hair on display. DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH THE SHIRTCOCKER OR YOU WILL RUN THE RISK OF BEING INFECTED! Shirtcockers, like bats and raccoons, are known carriers of things like rabies, the plague and even the Serious Creeps.
We were walking to the beach when we saw that dude playing with himself behind the slide. Alison must have been shirtcocked, cause she got the Serious Creeps and took off running. Somehow through principals of a non-local universe, the shirtcocker is able to project sex crimes onto his victim simply through lines of sight.
by pete from reno September 7, 2009
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Baring your soul and being emotionally vulnerable
When Denny asked me what was really troubling me, I really didn't feel better until he encouraged me to do some emotional shirtcocking.
by Playa Wizard April 9, 2023
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