alternate name for the burning man festival. Likley because it is the grandest stage for players to play upon.
Lets pack our bags and go to the playa.
by Matthew Finkelstein August 15, 2005
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The act or state of being a playa.
C: Yo, did you scope Arri?
K: Yeah man, he was chattin' up these 3 randoms and number closed all of them. He was being all playa playa.
K: Ahhh shit, playa playa.
by HAM88 October 4, 2011
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to be skillful at enticing one into a desired activity such as sexual intercause.
Don't think you're going to a Playa-Playa's house to just watch a movie.
by Tyrone February 13, 2005
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A female/ male that will fool multiple women or men into thinking their the only one or main Bae. ; aka Rose
Girl: *shows friends different Baes*
Friend #1: Damn girl all those Baes you have

Friend #2: Girl you a Playa Playa that's when you fool multiple men or women into thinking their the only one or main Bae .
by kaystackssss February 26, 2015
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1. Something that strikes an envious response...

2. A man who is all that...

3. A Nagger with his shit together...
Daaaaamn, B...Dat ring is playa playa...

Ya'll playa playa up in dis muthafuka, ain'tcha?...

Damn, Sedrick...You got it like dat??!! You kickin' it playa playa...

by Uncle Beasley April 3, 2006
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A pimp or a mack.
"Keep my playa mode fresh, I'm daily looking for a profit
Breaking bitches like my daddy said to make my pockets rocking"
by realniggggggggershit July 23, 2018
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He thinks he's so cool, but really he's just a playa, he oughta go get tested.
by Pyrohotdog November 6, 2003
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