3 definitions by pete from reno

Often seen in older women when they squat down and their vagina opens up and the claw comes out, like in one of those kid's carnival games where you move the claw to try to get a stuffed animal. Sticky like a wacky wall walker, it often goes for loose dollar bills.
Look at that aging porn star bent over Ron Jeremy--her pussy claw is out and ready to grab something!
by pete from reno December 11, 2008
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Anywhere there is potential of male or female nudity, be it a nude beach or a desert festival like Burning Man, etc. shirtcockers abound like environmental bedbugs, pests biting at an overall aura. While most shirtcockers manage to find viewing spots of the genitals on display such as behind the tree looking through their high-powered binoculars or behind trail rocks or outcroppings should the shirtcocker want to begin mindlessly stoking his junk as though he's in the privacy of his own boudoir, occasionally even a shirtcocker takes his eyes off the ball(s)/pubic hair on display. DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH THE SHIRTCOCKER OR YOU WILL RUN THE RISK OF BEING INFECTED! Shirtcockers, like bats and raccoons, are known carriers of things like rabies, the plague and even the Serious Creeps.
We were walking to the beach when we saw that dude playing with himself behind the slide. Alison must have been shirtcocked, cause she got the Serious Creeps and took off running. Somehow through principals of a non-local universe, the shirtcocker is able to project sex crimes onto his victim simply through lines of sight.
by pete from reno September 06, 2009
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A shade of off-white, the color of a moist crack rock tinged with yellow, innit? Yellow fever. Got the snitch up the Jackson. A color widely known to have been nicked by the Chemical Brothers, innit? The color of a indeterminate puck of gristle. Look at yourselves!
The superhans colored crack is really more-ish, thought Big Mad Andy, honking on his crack pipe.
by pete from reno August 18, 2017
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