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being or having the characteristics of something cool.
Erin: " How was Sean's party last night?"
Laura: " Shibyyyyyyy! Everyone was there!"
by Hdiggity July 25, 2006
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A boy,(some would call teen but in actuality is just a boy) who is a player, or known by many guys as a faggot he is a very sad person he hits on girls dating or not, not realizing one day he will get messed the F up, he just has to wait for it. Even those who don't know him know hes a fag
Andy: Hey do you think Shiby is a fag?

Tommy: I dont know him, but his name sounds faggy.
by the "dude" December 21, 2008
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Means 'the shit'. People say shiby instead of shit in school.
Dat's da shiby!
I've never seen such a huge pile of shiby in my life.
by Alenag_russianchic June 03, 2004
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