a term made redundant by the goths, emo kids, etc. who use it to describe anyone who isnt exactly like them. ironic as hell.
Goth to Emo Kid: "look at that sheep with the studded wristband. BAHHHHH!"
Emo Kid to Goth: "look at that sheep with the black cape. BAHHHHH!"
by Johan Svenson June 17, 2005
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Sheep: Nature's Marshmallow.
A horned ruminant mammal, usually farmed for their wool. A close relative of the goat. Female: ewe, male: ram.
"Sheep are docile animals that mainly feed on 'pasture plants' such as grass, clover or forbs."
by Bobbert Mcgee April 15, 2010
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People who follow thier friends, or generally people they see. Its not true that emo's are sheep, if they are generally depressed and thats how they show it then they are not, but if they choose that lifestyle because they see other people doing it and choose to use it even though they dont like it are the real sheep.
Guy1: That guy only shops for the most expensive brands he is such a sheep

Guy2: No he just likes what they offer.

Guy1: That guy saw his friend buy all that stuff so he wanted to aswell.

Guy2: What a sheep.
by James Haig August 18, 2006
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A internet gamer term for someone who believes Nintendo,no matter what.

Often used in Gamespot

Origin: If comes from the belief that Nintendo fans(The "sheep") will always follow Nintendo.(The "sheep's shepard)
Gamer 1: Nintendo suck! (This statement won't get you very far in gaming forums, don't try it)
Gamer 2: No they don't! They are LOADS better than M$/Sony/everyone! (Nor will this)
Gamer 1: Get lost sheep! (Nor will this, you'll a make lot a people mad if you say this in the wrong place)
by K-weave April 24, 2005
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A person who only does/buys things because everyone else has so is therefore following the crowd. Not only can you just call a person a 'sheep', you can also give subtle hints (see example 2)
Example 1
Person 1: Look at her with her new jacket.
Person 2: She is such a sheep.

Example 2
Person 1: Hey, do you like my new phone?
Person 2: Baaaaaa
by Sporty :) February 12, 2011
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Sheep- anyone that asks me where they can get one.

2. American voters in the influence of political travesty.
3. My ex's latest fling.
"Hey! Hey buddy where can I get individuality like that?"

Baaa Baaa Baaa was all we heard after jhonny took his sheep into the bedroom.
by unknownnme February 05, 2010
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General insult used by conspiracy theorists and non-conformists to refer to people who disagree. The proper English translation is "I blindly believe I'm right, but I have no idea why."
Eye-witnesses to the Holocaust are not proof. Wake-up you sheep!

You people are sheep, why else would anyone listen to this "music"?
by mr. sporadic August 22, 2009
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