Opposite of black sheep. The only good person in a group of bad people.
He's the white sheep in a family of drug dealers.
by Ivy Thorne March 8, 2007
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The black sheep of the family except everyone else are the black sheep.
Everyone here is weird except Jake
Yea he is the white sheep of the family
by ._the.br21 May 6, 2020
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Color of the sheep amongst other sheep does not and can not imply the character of sheep as a flock or solo sheep as it's simplest method used to I.d. a particular noun (sheep) based on opinion of individual providing identifiable characteristics based mainly on visual observation of minimal exposure so as to not allow for detailed recollection. Ie. White car or Black car . Or sheep .
As a young black male , my grammar and clothing choice sometimes made me feel as a white sheep of family" at reunions and other gatherings of our flock aka fam.
by Han $olo November 14, 2020
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Jayden: Dude can’t handle no spicy food.
Aaron: Yeah, cause he a white sheep.
by Cool,man7144 May 3, 2019
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