An extraction from the asshole that can cause great muscle pain. Mixture of shitting and farting at once that may cause an uncomfortable dispositioning in your pants.
"Dude I just sharted my pants."
"That shart smells like tuna."
by LT Ram September 03, 2009
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When one attempts to fart but shit is simultaneously ejected whilst farting.
I know it happens to everyone, but you can't admit that you just sharted; make up an excuse to go home and change your undies.
by mistermic May 26, 2006
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when someone farts and a little bit of shit comes out
dude i need to go and changed my boxers because i just sharted.
by arlie September 05, 2004
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A fart that expels small ammounts of feces.
"Oh my God! I just sharted!" Exclaimed a humiliated Mark as he ran through the art room, knocking over a TV in his rush to get out the back door. A feeble attempt to save his dignity.
by ickabodCANE February 26, 2004
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when you needa do a smelly as ripper and then you push a bit too hard and you do a little pellet in your pants. (sometimes not that little). can come in great amounts, depends on how hard you push.
"I was bored in class and i cut the cheese"
" i can smell that... it smells like more than a fart"
"yeah i just sharted.."
"no i like the warm sensation trickling down my leg"
"oh dude im gonna puke"


by _carri0n_ October 01, 2009
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When you fart a little shit comes out..a shart
Man I was in your moms bedroom and she made me laugh so hard i sharted in my pants!
by Kyleman January 20, 2004
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A word made when someone tries to fart, but ends up pooping. This will usually result in the persons pants becoming soaked with poo.
EW! I just tried to fart but I actually sharted!
by Sarah A November 06, 2006
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