When you fart and a little bit or a whole lot of shit comes out.Can also have some quite humourous results..I will now tell you a story....

Once upon a time me, my cousin and his GF were having Macdonalds.My cousin told me (In hushed whispers) that he needed to fart really bad but didn't want his GF to hear.I told him to try and make it an SBD.Colin (my cousin) made a SBD but at a horrible cost....By the time we left the establishment it was on the floor.......I had to go back and clean it up....It was horrific.......................
The moral of the story is....If this happens to you RUN!!! don't go back and clean it up...............

Here are my helpful (Maybe) catergories.

Cat1:Slight wet sensation...You got off easy...

Cat2:Spreads all over inside of boxers/briefs. If your going commando this could be a problem.

Cat3:Soaks through boxers/briefs and wets inside of pants
.If your going commando this is catergory 4.

Cat4:Has soaked through to the outside of pants and has now left a big brown/green mark on back of them.

Cat5:Runs down leg (Really bad if your wearing socks or god forbid...a skirt! 0.0 ....) ......

Cat6: An explosion (Example of it found in story).
Shart (have to say in example)
by Fucktarded Scarecrow September 14, 2009
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When you fart a little shit comes out..a shart
Man I was in your moms bedroom and she made me laugh so hard i sharted in my pants!
by Kyleman January 20, 2004
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When one farts and a little shit comes out.
We gota go, dude.
It's an emergency!
I sharted, dude.
What's that?
I farted and a little shit came out!

-Along Came Polly
by The Person January 27, 2004
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a portmanteau of shit and fart, and refers to a fart that results in the soiling of ones pants/underwear
Dang! I did it again. I sharted in my pants
by Live2Die September 16, 2005
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A fart that has an unexpected follow through. This follow through exerts a large smell upon a groups surroundings, and usually causes one of the group member to vom.
bloke 1: dude... i think i just sharted..
bloke 2: what the hells that
bloke 3: its a fart, and a little bit of shit comes out.
by Dr excrement November 23, 2009
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A little shart is someone who has membership at Ivy Pool but doesn't want to take The Oysbay.
Little Shart is dogging The Oysbay by wanting to leave at 8:30pm.
by The Oysbay November 29, 2009
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