When one has eaten the wrong food, perhaps something rich and creamy, then tries to fart, but accidentaly shits himself a little bit too.
OMG I can't believe James sharded in Filth; he thought he could get away with a discreet fart, but instead he crapped his pants.
by cheekytina May 31, 2008
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Having blown out your internal organs during a fart.
OMG!, Trenor just sharded!!
by UlTiMaTeDoWnFaLl March 13, 2007
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any form of crapping anything in peices usually with explosive diahrehia
"Wow!!!, i just sharded a pineapple!" "I think my sfincter broke!!"
by Alsho Dormingouny January 10, 2007
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The hottest bitch you will ever meet. She is the glue to the group and a voice to be heard. She will be the truest friend you will ever meet and she will make you feel like you're the only one that matters. She has a rocking body and an amazing charm about her, if you meet a Sharde make sure to wife that down because she is on demand.
by askmic December 21, 2016
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Slang name commonly used to describe a piece of crystal methamphetamine or meth.
Damn, those are some good shards
by addicted March 01, 2005
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Splitting a database into several pieces, usually to improve the speed and reliability of your application.

Sharding strictly speaking is a synonym for "horizontal partitioning" or dividing up a database table by its rows.

In common use, sharding refers to having some data for an app on one database server, and other data in another. Often this is done by having specific tables hosted on specific servers, with a function determining which server contains the information being requested.

Sharding is frequently discussed with regard to large web based applications, but is not limited to any particular industry.

As a practical example, a WordPress MultiSite installation hosting several hundred thousand blogs could have the tables for sites 1-100,000 running on one database server 100,001-200,000 on another or 200,001+ on a third. An alternative sharding implementation could be to have the 50 busiest blogs' tables split between the first two servers all remaining blog data on the third server. Likewise, data could be partitioned based upon the geographic location of the web servers delivering each blog.
When our site became so popular it kept overwhelming our database servers, we looked into sharding the database between five different data centers.
by Brian Layman June 20, 2011
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