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Slang name commonly used to describe a piece of crystal methamphetamine or meth.
Damn, those are some good shards
by addicted March 01, 2005
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n. slang for crystal methamphetamine, a highly addictive and muscle-deteriorating drug usually snorted into the nose in crystalline "shards"
My friend did shards for a couple months, then spent over a year in rehab. Lesson here: don't do 'em.
by hyperexcel June 17, 2003
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Crystal meth. Disregard idiots who are new to the world of drug use who think this shit is ecstasy. It's methamphetamine.
My friend and I smoked a good point of my shards last night. He didn't sleep for days.
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A piece of crystal meth, a psychedelic stimulant, named for the shard-like crystals. Has nothing to do with shitting in your pants while farting, that's shart.
He deals some good shards, want a fix?
by Colder April 17, 2011
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A clear glass like piece of methamphetamine.
I just got paid today. got me a pocket full of shards. Behold, the shard of destiny!
by that guy that welds September 28, 2014
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AKA the shardizzles. speed.
crystal meth. glass. ice. whatever you want to call it. It fucks you up don't do it.
by Diable2k_1 November 07, 2003
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