A very useful way of saying "I hear you, but I don't give a damn!" without appearing to give offence in a discussion.
"The research into the habitat and ongoing ecological damage control systems by the institute of applied science field work study team has found that such a program will have adverse effects on the ecosystem as a whole and is not, in the foreseeable future, sustainable."

"Good point!"
by Good Pointer March 31, 2010
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David and Ryan...this is so your guys is word....hahahaha...you guys are great!!!
by Jaclyn August 10, 2004
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Not an admission, exactly, just an acknowledgement that someone's argument has validity.
Person1: "I think your idea sucks."
Person2: "Sure, that's a good point."
by The Grammar Nazi October 20, 2001
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Inspired by the Gorillaz Feel Good Inc.

A smug "feel out" question from our HR department regarding working for free in an extremely demanding, high paced position.
I don't care how much your friends make at google are you willing to work for feel good points or not?!
by c-hat-e October 18, 2012
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In an attempt to be original this phrase was created by Neal Coombes circa 2017 as an adaptation of fair point, well made. Today is an overly used extremely tired phrase.
by Scandinavian33 January 4, 2020
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A system of points used by mothers for their little boys. The boy can save up good boy points to buy"chicken tendies". The mother can ask sexual favors for good boy points.
I have 30 good boy points. Each chicken tendie costs 6 good boy points. I can afford 5 chicken tendies. I need 10 to be satisfied. I beg mommy for more good boy points. She pulls up her skirt and says that if I can please mommy I will get 10 chicken remedies for free. I don't really like girl tinkle parts but I lick anyway. 10 minutes later mommy says that I did a good job. She says that if I play with her milk bags I will get barbeque sauce for free. I played and played and mommy gave me barbeque sauce. Now I have the chicken tendies to satisfy myself.
by Black KKK October 26, 2015
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