A mysterious entity that has the power to keep you in a competition, so that you can keep slaying hoes left and right.
"Raven and Jujubee. Shante, you stay"
by GG Allin July 9, 2021
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Short for shanty or shanty town; ghetto,slums or a junky location
"This place is a shant."
"Where you live is the shants."
by Dadoren November 12, 2017
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To 'ave one ell of a pissup.
Me and Mike went out shanting last night, it was gurnage
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A Pint of Beer (Portsmouth). Origin unknown.
Fancy a shant?
by Tom Dangerous July 16, 2003
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A crazy girl with a loud mouth. Shoppaholic. Loves to party and loves Hello Kitty. She's fun and crazy and is loyal to her friends. She has a sense of humor, and is brutally honest. She's a friend you can trust.
"Hey shante, what you doin tonight?"
"Girl, you know i'm goin to the party! Wanna go shopping with me first?"

"Hey shante, how does my outfit look?"
"Like your closet threw up on you. Come with me and i'll fix you"
by leesh1545 November 22, 2009
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Originating from a combination of getting shagged and cunted comes 'shanted' which simply means to massively exceed the recommended amount of alcohol in a single drinking session. Especially appropriate in Pikey/ gypsy circles.
'fuck it let's get shanted'
by Southern Tranny July 23, 2009
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the finest of all
shante is the one of the group.
by tay April 29, 2003
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