a decent sized beer (take note you twats)
apint of your finest please barkeep
by frank November 7, 2003
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Word used to describe any drink. Started with beer, but now used to describe any drink, often at times when beer would not be the appropriate drink.
"lets go to the school canteen for a pint"
by General Spoon April 16, 2008
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1. Large sized Beer!
2. Big Cock large like that big Beer!
Hey dirty hoe take my Pint up in your Pussy!
by Chabo March 28, 2005
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sticking a pint glass or pint bottle up your bottom
ah mate last nite i pinted and i nearly lost the glass !
by monnnnnnnnkk September 10, 2006
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1. (In the US) 0.473 liters (16 fluid ounces) of a liquid, typically draft beer.

2. (In the UK) 0.568 litres (20 fluid ounces) of a liquid, typically draught beer.

3. (Metric - everywhere else in the world other than UK/US) Exactly half a litre (or 500mL, 2 cups, 18 fluid ounces, etc.) of any liquid, most notably beer.
Man (walks into a bar in Toronto): I'll have a pint of Guiness.

Bartender: One pint of Guiness, coming up.

Man: So a pint is 375 mL, right?

Bartender: No sir, its 500mL.

Man: Well I'll be damned. But it's 12 ounces right?

Bartender: No sir, its 18 fluid ounces.

Man: Damn, I'll have to stop getting my facts from urbandictionary.com

Bartender: Well actually, I'm a psychic, and I'm having a vision of some valiant soul deciding to post a proper definition of the word "pint" as it refers to drinking. So don't worry, keep on urbandicking!

Man: Urbandicking? I'll have to look that one up.

Bartender: Well if its not self-explanatory then you're an idiot.

Man: Just give me the goddamn pint.
by Leroy Brown 420 January 31, 2009
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Person #1: Awwwww fuck coming for a fuckiiiiing piiiiintt like?
Person #2: Aye pint of bacon please squiiiire.
Person #1: Alright barkeep, can I get a pint of bacon, a pint of bread and two beer bongs to go please.
Barkeep: Right you are young laird. Here are your pints.
by The Woods Family January 2, 2012
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