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1)n.-A joint,blunt,or doobie
2)adj.-a length used to describe rope
1)I decided to go in da back alley and smoke an ell

2)I have only 3 ells of rope
by Nima April 01, 2004
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ELL (English Language Learning) students. PC term for what used to be ESL (English as a Second Language) students.
Serge, Carlos and Toshi skipped their ELL class today in favor of smoking a fatty.
by pedicabber May 22, 2005
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also know as excitedlovelife (all one word), descibes a happy, content, pleased, joyful and blissful moment. Antonym= rql (ragequitlife)
person 1: u just won 10 million dollars, 4 fastastic cars, 2 houses and an island. What would u like to say for the 3 page newspaper article in ur honour?
person 2: ell
by littlelaura:) December 11, 2009
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A girl who might not have the biggest self esteem, but she has a big heart. She often puts others before herself, and enjoys being herself. Others might tell her she's 'weird', but she takes it as a compliment. If you need someone to talk to, go to her, she's the most honest, trustworthy person out there. She's the best person to find in a friend, and she'll also put everyone else above her, but to the extreme. Don't. Ever. Mess. With. Her. Friends. She's got a dark side under that sweet and innocent face, one that only comes to play when you mess with her friends
She is definitely an Ells!!
is that an Ells?
she looks like an Ells
by Nxzmin February 23, 2018
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a variation of the words "I will," when contracted to "I'll," never typed with a capital 'E' even when commencing a sentence. No known origin.
by redlssgurl February 24, 2004
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Ell is a bitch nigga and i can fuck all his hoes
Hey ell u knew your not who u say you are 🚫🚫
by Tez300 December 21, 2016
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This person is funny, bubbly, know how to make people smile, iconic, always wins in games, lovely, etc. She may be look happy outside, but only her and God knows what really happens on the inside. Sometimes can be indecisive. Loves all of her friends dearly. A Meme™. Ells is a rare name. I haven't seen someone uses Ells as a name besides imnabongs or jenniemaryjane. She's one of a kind.
Ells, your face is a meme.
Ells, if you were an animal, you would be a chameleon.
by Iycanthropy July 09, 2018
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