derived from "shall not"
I shan't tell anyone ur are homosexual.
by ErLiNdA Da pLiNdA January 13, 2005
Contraction of shall not. Sounds a lot like shit and therefore is somewhat comical.
I shan't shit the bed
Sally shan't sell sea shells by the shitty sea sheep shore.
by Grum Legend September 3, 2016
(1) An English contraction for "shall not." (2) A 4th century middle-eastern colloquial term for "a woman I cannot forget". (3) A common, laconic misspelling of a Vietnamese axiom meaning "stay strong."
I shan't forget, even after 13 years.
by urbandictionaryuser2013 December 18, 2012
A refusal to do something.

Typically it will be finished by the refusal activity name and the word "mon". This word can be used as a sentence in itself.

Origin: Whitecroft, Forest of Dean.
Have you paid your membership?

Shan't pay mon.

Are you playing football today?

by taylor176 February 9, 2018
A shitty aunt; an aunt covered in shit; a hateful sister of your mother or father
My shan't should burn in hell
by Violetownz December 28, 2007
Shall Not
I would if I could, but I can't, so I shan't.
by WordMaker6000 April 19, 2021
A very inconvenient way of saying "I shall not"
Max: Hey do you want to come over to get pizza later?
Thomas: No! I mustn't! I shan't!
Max: Bro wtf