A girl that is amazing and has a great future.
10 years later: (Shan becomes a billionaire)
by sunnybunny3 August 11, 2019
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This is a male name.
Shan means prestige and honor.

This name is associated with individuals of great honor and prestige.
Wow dude you live a life of Shan.
by Lester sean June 25, 2011
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A person who you would rather be with.
Someone who would put a smile on your face, someone who would always be there for you.
"I feel sad" - girl 1
"Did you try talking to Shan?" - girl 2
by Jessica Montana August 1, 2012
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Shan is someone who you can count on and can trust.
Boy: Why is there no one you can trust nowadays

Girl: Well i know someone who is always there and i can trust

Boy: Who?

Girl: Shan.
by jasonm April 18, 2012
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common Scottish term meaning "unfair" used in everyday vocabulary
"he went n confiscated ma i.d. so ah cannae get ma bucky n that ken"

"that's well shan like"
by imakehersay February 6, 2011
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When someone does something really solid. Like when you smoke a zoot.
"Oh min I just battered Davie" you would reply "Thats a fat shan douglas"
by Niggerhunt March 29, 2017
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Shan is an amazing girl with a massive love for animals, and in particular horses. She is stunningly pretty, and can definitely be relied on if you need a favour. However, make sure you stay on the good side of Shan as you definitely don't want to see her nasty side because if you do, she can be a douche. If you stay on the good side with Shan, you'll be friends for life. Shan is loved by a lot of people, and quite a handful of boys are attracted to her. If your lucky enough to be her boyfriend, she will stay with you and put alot of effort into the relationships. Shan's are often dating or shipped with people names James, Billy, Luke, Michael, Braydon/Brandon, Keenan, Beau, Andrew, Hunta, Ben, Milo, Gregory, Malcom, Taj or John. When Shan's are sad, ask them if they're ok, but if they don't open up to you, it's best to let them be as they love their own space. Shan's have many friends and are usually all close friends with girls named Hannah, Toni, Holly, Josie, Grace, Millie and Freya and heaps more. Overall, Shan's are amazing, pretty, animal-loving and talented girls.
Person 1: Wow that girl over there is hot asf
Person 2: Yeah she is I've also seen her riding horses and going shooting with her bf James
Person 1: Yeah, I think she must be a Shan
by don't_give_no_yellow_ducks February 14, 2021
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