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A shame spiral characterizes the loss of self-control over something that makes one feel worthless and pathetic. Due to these feelings of low self-worth and guilt, the action that triggered the shame spiral is repeated and the degradation of one's self continues. It is a cycle that repeats itself, bringing one down further as it repeats. Example triggers for shame spirals could be excesses of junk food, alcohol, meaningless sex, buying unnecessary gifts for oneself and the like.
Out-of-shape Bob: "I had McDonalds for lunch today and now I am ordering myself a pizza. I am on a serious shame spiral. I hate myself. Ugh."

Shopalholic Sue: "My rent check yesterday bounced but today there was this cute pair of shoes on sale and I had to buy them. How do I get out of this shame spiral?"
by Appleface72728218 January 23, 2010
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A phenomenon that occurs when one is not only ashamed of something, but *ashamed* that one is ashamed, resulting in an endless decrease in self-confidence, and an exponential increase in self-loathing.
Not only do I hate that I'm gay, but I hate that I hate that I'm gay! I'm caught in a fucking shame spiral!
by Throckmorton March 10, 2008
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The feeling you get afterer a long night or weekend of binge drinking or partying. Usually as a result of getting nothing accomplished the following day. Sinking into an abyss of regret.
Instead of writing my paper for class on Sunday, I stayed in bed and rode out the Shame Spiral I found myself in.
by daknob March 08, 2014
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Noun: An emotional condition commonly experienced during the recovery period following extreme intoxication. The shame spiral consists of continued, connected thoughts and emotions of lack of self-worth, shame, regret, embarassment and commitments to refuse to intoxicate oneself ever again.

Verb: To be emotionally engaged in the condition of a shame spiral.
Simon: How's it going, Chris? You awake yet?
Gary: Oh god I'm so hungover. I hate this. I hate myself. I'm never doing that again. What kind of a jack-ass was I last night?

Simon: C'mon, quit shame spiralling. It's no big deal. So, you got a little bit wasted last night.

Gary: I spent my last $50 on booze last night. I hate myself and want to die. I'm never drinking again. I can't believe I hit on my student last night. I'm such a pig. Go away.

by Simon Kiss December 12, 2006
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1. A state of being that is characteristic of the morning after getting excessively drunk and partying like a rock star. Usually accompanies waking up next to a squaw and/or cha; or waking up alone at 2 in the afternoon with lo mein all over your couch, wing sauce on your sheets, and proceeding to spend the day face down in an US Weekly watching a tv series on DVD. May cause the ordering of a Dominoes pizza.
2. Also, could mean a general decline in status of coolness or random terrible behavior that will inevitably lead to a meltdown.
-Why didn't you go to work yesterday?
-Dude, I was on shamespiral.

-What's up with Jenny (on L-Word)?
-She's got a one way ticket on the shamespiral express to crazy town!
by squaw wrangler March 08, 2006
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noun: A period of time in which one becomes so incredibly and undeniably intoxicated that they are brought to public shame by their ridiculous actions. A shame spiral is only a true shame spiral if all 3 conditions are met:

(A) Intoxication
(B) Nudity
(C) Crying

Shame spirals also often include pain, drama, screaming, dancing on furniture, promiscuity, loss of valuables, and damage to one's reputation.

Let it be known that bad shame spirals often happen to good people. They can last anywhere from one night to several years.

Symbolized by a swirly thingy and a sad face.
A morning-after example:

Gina: Hey, did you call me this morning?
Cory: Yeah dude, can you bring me a bra? I can't find mine.
Gina: Um.. you're at work.
Cory: Yes. Last night was a fuckin shame spiral.
by divitoooh April 03, 2006
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