The state of not having sex (either as a virgin or just for the time being), almost always against your will.

The official rules of getting some versus getting nothing are as follows:

1. Butt sex counts
2. Getting oral sex: good enough to spoil your virginity, not enough to be impressive
3. Being on the other end of oral (without getting anything else) is almost the same, but just makes you seem desperate.
4. Hookers count.
Bob: Dude, I'm tired of getting nothing...
Tom: Look, there's a hooker down on the corner.
Bob: I am all over that.
by redslash April 19, 2008
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A line which Quincy says in Bloons TD 6 or Bloons TD Battles 2, which may disturb some people albeit.

Also can be used as a meme or an expression of your efforts.
"Are you kiddin' me? Nothing gets past my bow!"
by Otheruser325 January 17, 2023
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