A religion which believes Enki is the true creator god. It is considered a branch of Satanism, because Enki has gone by many names, the modern of which is the name Satan. Joy of Satan teaches the occult, and believes that the Christian god, jesus, and the Biblical Satan, are all false entities and were made up to promote Enki as an evil being, and also to keep occult magic from the general population.
I am a proud part of 'Joy of Satan' Satanism.
by Braddogg007 February 27, 2009
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A religion based on the reformation of the Aryan (Indo european/Indo Iranian) ancient religions; it holds the belief in spiritual enlightenment through consistent meditation and that Odin/Poseidon/Enki/Shiva are all the same being (Satan). Based on the idea that all “demons” and Christian beliefs were stolen from pagan religious beliefs; with the transformation of gentile Gods as the demons. You can see name similarities, such as Astaroth to Astarte/Ishtar, Andras to Andrasta, Beelzebub to Ba’al/Enlil, and so on.

In the aryan language of Sanskrit, Satyan translates literally to “truth” and the Chaldean equivalent (which predates Abrahamism) to Enki was called “Satan.”

They tend to be National Socialist, and hate Zionism/Globalism/Judaism, but are open to Semitic followers. Enemy entities are called “Grey terrestrials” or “reptilians” which represent angelic (anti human) entities. As Christians practically believe that anything natural is evil, especially sex.
Joy of Satan is an attempt to recreate the original religion of the Kurgan Indo-European family. They do not promote the use of drugs at all, quite the contrary to what one of the dumbasses said when defining this.
by Fucku niggerlover March 16, 2020
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Joy of Satan is an anti-semitic Satanic group disliked by most other Satanic groups as not espousing true Satanic principles. Its members (also pro-Nazi and into bad costumes)have much free time and like to search out anti-Joy of Satan information on line and attempt to minimize it's effect on the unsuspecting.
Joy of Satan members found negative entries for "Joy of Satan" on Wikipedia and attempted to mitigate said entries by giving them as many "thumbs down" ratings as possible.These entries had been written with gusto and verve!
The one positive entry received numerous "thumbs up" ratings from these same goobers. Er, Satanists.
by Germanboy February 5, 2008
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JOS: A Hitler cult of Satanic Christians and Christian Satanists who can't tell the difference between Jesus and Satan. They are scared of bees and angels. They confuse fiction with fact and vice versa. They can't tell the difference between ancient deities and goetic demons. They worship aliens and hate all Jews but Zecharia Sitchin who wrote the JOS bible. The JOS Priest and Priestess pretend to be psychic and powerful to impress angry rebellious teenagers who hate their parents.
By the power of Satanic Jesus, only the Joy of Satan may enter the kingdom of Helven! Amen.
by Satanic Jesus March 21, 2006
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A psuedo satanic cult led by Andrea & Clifford Herington the ex president of the National Socialist Movement. This group slowly brainwashes "rebellious" teens with false, antisemetic, reverse christian information turning them into ignorant racist skinheads for the national socialist movement. Ironicly they don't care about skin color, only about donations & recruitment as it's their source of income.
I am crazy, self-hating, racist, & have no life so I'm with Joy of Satan.
by B to the D September 29, 2006
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A moronic group led by even bigger morons who believe that the alien water god Enki was mans creator.Tse dumb cult also believes that Hitler is the Messiah and that if u even look at a Jew, youre damned. The group teaches that all Jews are evil and even seeing one is a big sin, with the exception of their Divinus Magister Zecharia Sitchin, who wrote the Holy Book of the JOS called The Lost Book of Enki. Every JOSer is required to have the book or punishment will be bestowed. THey have a punishment squad led by its leader, Maxines Asswasher.....also known as Her Holy Slave.....i mean Servant. If you dont do anything but force people, spam the net with JOS links and rob peopleś money to be given to them, he will send u so called death curses
I am a retard since im with the Joy of Satan
by sepoplak December 6, 2007
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