Pronounced : əˈdikt

This is just a fancier way to say the word addict ( ˈadikt ) you can use them both interchangeably.
" My friend Mary is a former cocaine addict "
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Anyone that lives to use, and uses to live.
“Drugs are all an addict cares about”
If you're an addict you should get help through NA
by CeoOfsmoke March 4, 2022
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Someone that is willing to suck Dick for them to get it
You ain't an addict until you suck a dick
by AlwaysSecondBest October 18, 2018
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One who's personality takes control of his/her life
Addict doesnt do things by half...
by addict June 11, 2003
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Addict is a song about Angel Dust a character in A movie by vizlepop called Hazbin Hotel.
Me: Have you listened to Addict?

Friend: no, I will later though.
by Elizabeth Afton 12 October 2, 2020
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A weird addiction to any/all programs, documentaries, e.t.c. featuring the sad existences of drug, alcohol, sex, OCD's, and any other addict.
"Man, we need to do an 'intervention' on Bill; All he ever talks about is "Intervention" or "Hoarders." "What an addiction addict!"
by BoiseBoltfan April 26, 2010
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