Sexting is the act of sending sexually explicit text messages back and forth with a partner. Essentially, it's like trying to watch pornography on a dial up internet connection. 5 seconds of gratification for every 5 minutes you wait.
Little Johnny couldn't decide between watching porn or sexting with a girl. He decided to sext with a hot girl from school. 3 hours later he came.
by Ktotheile May 28, 2010
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When a person texts about what they are going to do when they have sex or when they are horny..
Amy was sitting at home until her boyfriend texted her "you wanna start sexting". She said "Yea". And this what happened

Jack: First we are going to make-out for thirty minutes.
Amy: Then I'm gonna start taking off your pants.
Jack: Then, I'm gonna take off everything you got while still kissing
Amy: Then I'm gonna start sucking your big juicy dick and spit on it and suck it some more.

Jack: Once your finsh we are going to stop, make sure all our clothes are off and I go get a condom and start fucking you.

Amy:Then I will scream your name,"Jack Jack"!
Jack:Then I will say, "Pop that Pussy:.
Amy: We will be fucking for hours, until I start fingering myself.
Jack:Since, My big 10 in dick almost can't go in your pussy, I will start masturbating on your big ass boobs.
Amy:Then after a hour off me pushing, you cum on my face and lips and I suck your dick...
by thesupakid February 08, 2010
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when (usually) 2 people are text messaging each other and being very descriptive of what they want to do to each other; sexually. Usually used in the sense to get each other horny for one another.
Ashlee: i want ur fat cock in my tight pussy
Greg: oh yes baby! i want ur DD tities in my mouth
Ashlee: oh my god, yes. im so horny for you right now. i just got wet.

Greg: yo i was sexting this girl last night. shes a fucking babe i even made her wet
Danny: oh shit thats hot. Can i have her number?
by justachickk May 10, 2010
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the art of having sex over text. kinda like cybering but only its over text. commonly used by people who dont want other people to overhear them, but it isnt as satisfying.

jon: dude i was sexting my gf last night.

Jake: thats chill but did u remember toerase the messages? it would suck if someone read that shit
by lovebabefor April 08, 2009
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The act of engaging in mind-blowingly hot sexual activity by way of cell phone text messaging. Forms completely devoid of morality generally result in increased satisfaction.
I was secretly sexting with Alex last night and it was the best I ever had.
by not Kristen November 29, 2007
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Sending a sexually explicit or sexual innuendo text message, most often to a potential hook up or to spice up a relationship.
Marge: I don't know what to do with my boyfriend, our love life has fizzled.
Jane: You should totally sext him while he's at work!

Margo: So I met this totally hot guy last night and we hooked up, but I want to hook up with him again, what should I do?
Janet: You should totally sext him while he's at work!

Bob: Whoa, this chick just totally sexted me and I'm so turned on! I'm totally hooking up with her tonight!
Steve: I totally sexted your mom last night! Sexting is the best thing ever!
by Annie Omous June 14, 2007
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