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An erotic message or possibly photos of what is usually a dumb and very attention seeking HS or even middle school girl who thinks sending out nudes is the only way she can get guys to like her. Usually is shocked when it ends up on the internet and everyone in school thinks she's a ho.
Hot damn, take a look at this nasty sext message I just got. I don't even know who the hell she is.
by hnoss February 19, 2017
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a type of picture message recieved on a cell phone. in most cases, a male trys to persuade a certain female to send a picture of her bust. which in fact takes quite alot of time and patience on the males part because the female questions her morals and boundaries before finally sending the sext message.
jane - i dont know if i should do this :/

joe - aww cmon i wont show anyone

jane - oh okay ;)

joe - dude, check out this pic of jane i got on my phone

paul - aww shit dude thats the best sext message ive ever seen
by T to the D to the C February 21, 2009
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A cell phone "text message" with the direct intent of creating a sexual thought for the recipient about the sender; Meant to flirt with the recipient in a way that cannot be expressed via a voice call.

These messages are typically short and leave lots to the imagination.

They range from a wink: " ;) " to a "i want to touch your..."
He's hot; I'm gonna sext message him right now.
by Naaadz June 25, 2006
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Text messages of an erotic nature. The sms version of phone/cyber sex
We were exchanging sext messages all last night. It was really hot. She's such a tease though...
by Stina-bioch! November 06, 2007
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