Getting ready to go out. Dressing up, putting on your cologne, doing your hair etc...
Get all sexed up to go out to the movies.
by D.L. Stevenson August 3, 2006
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Refers to a girl who has taken significant steps to make herself look way sexier than usual .For example, you would describe a girl's feet as being 'sexed-up' if she got a pedicure, had them paint her toes bright red, put on an anklet & toe rings, and put perfume on her feet. She's definitely sexed up; ready for sex! (or one hell of a good footjob)!
Damn, dude, Paige is really 'sexed up' tonight. Her toes are painted bright red, she's put on an anklet & matching toe rings on each of her middle toes, and applied perfume to the bottoms of her bare feet. She's definitely planning on fucking someone real good tonight!
by ken208 September 5, 2015
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Something which happens to sensitive MI5 documents (especially WMD dossiers) and gets endlessly discussed afterwards.
BBC news: "Dossier sexed up blah blah..."
Tony Blair: "Im going to get Lord Hutton to publish a report damning the BBC in order to turn it into my political mouthpiece! Hoorah!"
by oracle March 13, 2004
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to have physical contact with someone, such as making out, feeling up, or fucking.
"That boy is so pure sex, I can't wait to sex him up."
by Sami August 26, 2003
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(1) To be made sexy.
(2) To be ready to engage in sexual intercourse.
(3) To raise one's sex appeal.
Stace: Girls, let's get really sexed-up tonight!!
by Mr. Moto June 8, 2007
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Did you hear about that indian guy sexing up that goth/punk chick on that canadian african american guy's couch?
by guywithlargemember February 23, 2005
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