The most amazing person you'll ever meet. Loves to laugh, joke, and live life to the fullest. Is the most wonderful friend you can ever have. Is generally the best lover a woman could find. Has tremendously handsome features and always meets other people's needs before his. If you can find a Hutton to date, don't waste any time, because he will change your life forever.
Hutton is a synonym for 'angel'.
by SnookieToosh101 November 9, 2010
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Carribean Male that looks exactly like a sheep. With a large afro.
Adam - Omg look at hutton.
Will- Dude he looks just like a sheep.
Adam- He pWns.
Will- How bigs his afro now?
by Holty191 August 16, 2005
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He is the man with a big dick that kills people as a sword.
Hutton killed a dude.
by Bigboi98663 March 20, 2017
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A dirty individual who uses any means necessary to win his prize then toss it aside for the next one. Says he's not bi but got fucked by a guy when he was 18. A natural liar who uses people for money and promotion. The worst friends you could ever have. Thief. Cheat. Womanizer.
The Hutton to avoid is an Adam
by Lookmeintheeye July 15, 2019
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doing a hutton is when you retake a computing subject and just play games for the entire first half of the course as you have done all the practical in the course in the previous year
retaking higher computing and play doom while others are doing the programming part of the course, you say you are doing a hutton
by hut- un July 1, 2009
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Huttoning (Huh-tuh-ning)


To ejaculate on an overweight person (male or female) and immediately provide a leaf for cleansing.
Ah damn man, I've not seen a huttoning like that since the 80's!

He's so good he is the hutmesiter.

I'm feeling charitable today, think I'm going to hutton.
by SexyBailey July 1, 2010
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Freddie Mercury's lover and boyfriend from 1984 when they met in a London Gay club, until his death in 1991.

Wrote "Mercury and Me"

Died January 1, 2010 of Lung Cancer
Jim Hutton loved Freddie more than anything.
by ilufreddie January 31, 2011
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