A bracelet worn around the ankle. Widely reocognized as a symbol that a woman is a hotwife or slutwife and available to other men for sexual activity.
I think John's wife is a hotwife. She is wearing an anklet on her right ankle.
by WhiteBull August 18, 2010
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ankle chain, or ankle bracelet is an ornament worn around the ankle.
Your anklet is so beautiful, where did you buy it?
by mosomot November 30, 2009
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A bracelet made to be worn about the ankle... also known as an ankle bracelet.

Commonly used in the '90s by cheesy valley girl types, and now by hockey moms and other not-so-classy types
Beth, what a lovely anklet you're wearing!
by Brian November 6, 2004
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A teenager that is 3 feet lower than a cunt

See "Ankle"
For a younger person she is such an anklet
by spazalina March 24, 2011
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a thingo that a very cool person wears on their ankle. it means they are awesome, charismatic and intelligent.
"Bruh, have you seen Nancy's anklet. She must be a pretty cool gal."
by Cool guyyy ayyyyyyyyyy December 23, 2018
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Where a person has fat legs and you cannot see their ankles.
Some fat munta wearing a skirt.
by wickedmadman February 9, 2005
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When toe fucking a girl you slide in all the way to the ankle. Thus wearing her vagina like an anklet
Sarah is a freak..I can wear her like a beef anklet.
by Mity J October 18, 2006
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