to smoke (usually canabis) or drink (not as commonly referred to as seshing) in a group.

like "sesh" but speaking in the present tense.

can also be shortened to "seshin'"
"Hey man, we're just seshing right now, so I gotta call you back"
"This is definitely the highest I've ever been, seshin' with you guys is rad"
by ella-babe January 31, 2015
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The process of excessive drug use of your choice with a small to medium group of friends, sometimes people you don't even know. This usually occurs outside in a recreational park or a small, sweaty bedroom. The 'sesh' (short for session) usually ends when the sunrises, however can continue for as long as your body and jaw lets you.
Clarence: Yo what you doing tonight?
Lez: Not much g, think Mike is having a sesh round his tonight, you game?
Clarence: Yeh man, that's bless.
by Fack_Off_Clarence November 18, 2016
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when one spends an evening getting drunk/wasted/sloshed with a group of friends.
I live for the sesh.
by definitionexpert21 July 23, 2016
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An abbriviation of the word session, may relate to drinking, smoking pot, excessive computer gaming or anything else that lasts a prolonged period of time.
Yo, u in for the sesh

yeh sure
by Pirate November 29, 2005
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This is a motto used a lot by the rapper BONES. You can hear it in every song that he makes. The word itself is the short form of SESSION, which associates to smoking weed and getting high as fuck.
Guy#1: Do you know BONES?
Guy#2: SESH!
Guy#1: Haha, hell yeah dude! SESH!
by ottobuzi October 19, 2018
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"Hey guys, let's hit the beer garden for a Sunday sesh"

"It's 4:20! Time for a sesh"

"My arms are tired after this morning's gym sesh"

"Man, my butt hurts after that curry sesh at Shamal's place last night"
by shakerface November 19, 2015
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A 'sesh' is when a person or group get so twisted that there in a gaff at 6AM gurning back out £150 down with a blocked nose filled with Ket. Drinking isn't a sesh
'Darren can't hack the sesh on bit yanno'
by JamesLth January 5, 2017
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