Going on a mad drinking binge with all your mates that you probably won't remember in the morning. Usually consists of downing a few naggins
You can repeat the leaving but you can't repeat the sesh
by Sesh lifer August 26, 2017
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A masturbation session. Also known as a JO sesh or a circle jerk. Guys masturbating together. The use of Albolene or some other lube is recommended
StrokeCentral set up a sesh for tomorrow night and 7 other guys are going.
by lajerker July 23, 2005
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1. Verb - To smoke pot
2. Noun - A session of any sort, whether it be video gaming, sports playing, etc.
3. Noun - Something being awesome or going your way. Or an exclamation.
(Basically, sesh can be used in any form or context.)
1. "Yo broski, wanna sesh tonight?"
2. "Wanna have a lax sesh after school?" "We just had a fat Madden sesh!"
3. "That's sesh!" "SEYERRSH!"
by HeePuuh May 06, 2010
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smoking crack, weed, or what ever does your fancy. Commonly known in the Sydney and Western area of Sydney...
Kalika and Dixie r "seshin" on like doped pyromaniacs!
by Kalika April 12, 2006
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Used to mean going skating with your homies up until recently a bunch of "lads" adopted it for there gatherings with excessive drug use :/
Lad A"Lads sesh tonight?"
Lad B"Yes lad let me call the plug"

Or how I still use it

Rad 90s skater dude "yo dude wanna sesh?"
Gnarly skater "cheahhh dood let's shred"
by Morley Turnip January 30, 2017
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