Abbreviation of the word "session" and means to go on a "session" of theft.
Me and my boy Jay went on a lil sesh in the boy's changing rooms this lunchtime. I got £20, he got £10. We took it from inside the people's blazers.
by myboyb June 27, 2015
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A 'session' in which a group of people all smoke bong's and get fucked up. I guess its well-covered by AstroBlue.
"Keen for a sesh? Let's go back to the Spruce chill-zone."
by Diego August 31, 2003
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To have fun, rave, party, have a good time, exceeds all expectations

Often used with the word "bare" to form "bare sesh" for when the sesh was epic

Could also refer to a sexual experience
by bare V-man May 30, 2010
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Sesh. Sesh is devouring through several grams of cocaine. Deciding that the pills you bought off your mate the other week would be a fab idea to then chuck down your throat. Also realizing later that the guy your with has MDMA to smash and then washing that down with the goodness of a vodka or two. Oh wait? Someone's offering MCAT? You're definitely not going to say no to that are you before realizing the time is 9:43 am and you've been at it 13 hours in someones grungy dungeon of a living room. THAT is sesh.
"We so need to sesh tonight" "No he's definitely not down for the sesh. Boring." "Literally has the dirtiest sesh last night, I didn't leave until 9:43am"
by seshgremilin10 December 06, 2016
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An event in which mainly teenagers take/drink an excessive amount of drugs and/or alcohol, with some seshes leading to hospital . They often involve non-initiated sesh gremlins being peer pressured into drug taking or alcohol drinking.
“Man once your in the sesh there’s no backing out”
“Sesh till I drop!”

by Nb20012001 November 01, 2017
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