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ugly ass bitch who would sometimes, when home alone, say to her dogs "listen,, if u guys can talk, just tell me. i won't even say anything!"
serenah is a dumb bitch
by yeet536 March 20, 2018
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Serenah is a wonderful, mature, social,beatiful, and open minded person. She loves making new friends everywhere she goes. Serenah is nice to everyone but she could be very vicious to the people that don’t like her. Serenah is very beautiful, pretty ,cute, and awesome in general ! Serenah can be very loyal in whatever relationship she’s in. At times she can be very stubborn and not easy to get at. But thats what makes people like her.
Have you seen the new girl Serenah?

Yeah, shes’ so hot

She actually has a nice personallity if you get to know her.
by Need milk?¿ April 21, 2018
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