Hottest stud who can sexually please you in every way possible.
That vibrator is good, but it ain't no seng.
by effinstud March 18, 2009
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Open, flowing, air together with water, wind
Senge, being a name, would be like:<br> "Senge! Come and help me with this!"
by Senge Harlow February 28, 2008
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Short for Ginseng, a root that grows in the woods of West Virginia and North Carolina. The root had a TV show dedicated to it . The show was called “Appalachian Outlaws” and It was wild and crazy. The reason for people literally killing each other over it is the price. Seng can even go for as much as $1000 a lbs (pound).
Go get me some seng from the woods Patrick. I’ll make sure to reward ya ass with a pretty penny. Be careful for them cockroaches trying to rob you and steal your roots. I’ll be expecting you at my office with a sack full of seng, so get ya arse to the woods Patrick and don’t get fucked.
by The Wobbit from the Moon October 26, 2020
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The act of saying the lyrics of a song without a tune or rhythm.
Ben seng his favorite song.
by Orange Abomination November 03, 2019
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I'm just about to pour myself out a seng, do you want one?
by Banter Girl February 01, 2020
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The most awesome being in existence. This guy is literally the epitome of epicness. Everyone looks up to him and basks in the light of his epic glory. A more awesome guy has never existed before, and may never exist again.
Guy 1: Do you know Jung Seng?
Guy 2: Of course, who doesn’t know him?
Guy 1: Man, I wish I could be more like Jung Seng.
by anonymousman February 07, 2021
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A seng chung is a person who is very good in his studies and grades but very annoying. Eventhough he is bad with roasting and comebacks, he is a loyal friend. Seng Chung is also someone who can really start a conversation. Also, a skinny and intellegent guy.
Look at that guy talking with those girls, they really can't stop laughing, he must be a seng chung
by LowKey Dictionary July 27, 2018
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