A plant originating from Manchuria. It's roots can be made into tea but if you make the leaves into the tea your probably gonna get fucked up. Major haluucigan.
I made some ginseng tea the wrong way and I started seeing wierd lights and all the sounds around me got unbearable.
by thepenismighti February 20, 2009
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The state of being real with yourself, and staying chill, simultaneously.
Girl: "Hey dude! How are you doing today?!"

Boy: "I'm ginseng!"
by Marlo Pabon June 17, 2004
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a completely amazing electronica artist and scratch dj located in fairfield county, connecticut who plays lots of really interactive shows and has a loyal fanbase. he is the son of two members of the talking heads, tina weymouth and chris frantz, and his brother is egan, drummer for the band look look. kid ginseng's music is so great because of his incredibly catchy tunes and complex lyrics; not to mention there's nothing better to dance to. everyone needs a little kg in their lives.
"hey, were you at that kg show last night?"
"DUH, kg kids go to every kid ginseng show."
by KG kid March 11, 2007
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