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Contrary to popular belief, "loli' is NOT the abbreviation for "lolicon".
In Japan, a "Lolicon" refers to a person, usually a man, who enjoys looking at young girls(loli), be it sexually or not.
These lolicons are usually depicted as perverted people.
A: Hey look! That young girl over there is so cute!
B: Tch, lolicon.
by ryuusuke October 10, 2013
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A portmanteau for lolita complex.
A sexual attraction to young looking girls (Pedophile).
Man1:Dude I saw alot of lolicon vids last night and busted a nut 23times!
Man2:Dude really what website?
---Door Knocking sound---
Guy on door: Open the door! Its The FBI!
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by Legit-Genious August 05, 2018
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Somebody that has the attraction to young or prepubescent girls that are animated.
Usually in hentai.
He's a big lolicon, he has so much hentai involving young people.
by dumbiebitch August 10, 2019
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β€œI went to prison.” β€œWhy?” β€œLolicons...”
by The brav man June 14, 2018
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Assholes, Lolicons are shitty people who are ultimately losers to fap on anime characters that are child-like. Pedophiles on the other hand, are people who rapes children. FUCKING KNOW THE DIFFERENCES!
Jeff: I just noticed, lolicons are fucking gross like pedophiles
Bob: Where the fuck did you get that content???!?!?
by AHumanBeingWhatYouExpect August 20, 2017
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*Only according to Internet Termology(Slang)*
1)Noun A form of Anime which put Underaged Female Anime Characters in to sexually erotic scenes!
2)Verb The Sexuallization of Underaged Female Anime Characters!(ex: Lolilize)
3)Japanese Meaning: "Pedophile"
1)Loli Fan #1: Did you see what Tomo Takino did yesterday on Youtube?
Loli Fan #2: Yea she looked so..."cute" in that lolicon!

2)I hate to see Innocent Anime Characters from Innocent TV Shows get Lolilized! (EX: Azumanga Daiho's Chiyo Mihama)
by Saikano November 02, 2007
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