Noun. Any adult who feels sexual attraction to specifically fictional depictions of characters who’s body proportions closely resemble that of a child regardless of the canonical assigned age.
A: hey I made a drawing of a sexy vampire thats 1000 years old!
B: that looks like a child! Tch, filthy lolicon!
by Plasticbox October 8, 2020
Contrary to popular belief, "loli' is NOT the abbreviation for "lolicon".
In Japan, a "Lolicon" refers to a person, usually a man, who enjoys looking at young girls(loli), be it sexually or not.
These lolicons are usually depicted as perverted people.
A: Hey look! That young girl over there is so cute!
B: Tch, lolicon.
by ryuusuke October 11, 2013
A portmanteau for lolita complex.
A sexual attraction to young looking girls (Pedophile).
Man1:Dude I saw alot of lolicon vids last night and busted a nut 23times!
Man2:Dude really what website?
---Door Knocking sound---
Guy on door: Open the door! Its The FBI!
by Legit-Genious August 5, 2018
"I found a lolicon," said Steve, "They are streaming osu! right now!"
by osu! player March 26, 2021
A person who cannot compete for significant others in their age group, or any age group for that, opting to prey on fictional child-aged girls instead. Also known as literal fucking pedophiles.
"its just pixels on a screen!!!!!"

"go wash ur ass and get a life, stupid ass lolicon"
by kodikilljoy March 21, 2022