A beautiful girl who is always there for you. she doesn't give up and is strong enough to stand up to anyone..no matter the case. she is caring and extremely nice. tends to be always happy about everything, dont mess with her or get on her bad side though....she has a bad temper for people she doesn't like. overall a loving girl who says she will do something and do it.
guy: woah!
friend: what?
guy: do you see her?
friend: oh yeah.. she must be a seneca!
by cookiemonster1 August 29, 2010
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There are two known Senecas

Seneca the elder
Born in Cordoba; Spain one of the greatest rhetoricians of Ancient Rome. His idol was the great Cicero.

Seneca the younger
He was an Ancient Roman philosopher, humorist, dramatist and statesman. Like Seneca the elder, Seneca the younger was born in Cordoba; Spain.
Seneca the elder:
"Against a slave everything is permitted.”
Seneca the younger:
"Religion is regarded by the common people as true,
by the wise as false,
and by rulers as useful."
by RexNecros August 1, 2005
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A kind loving girl, won't abuse you unless you're an ass. Will have your back when you need it.
Hieu "Senecas being mean to me"
Jackson "While you must have done something wrong otherwise she's nice"
by Anti_earth January 21, 2017
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A person of elite talent. A real OG.
Wow Seneca
by Eric Benedict February 25, 2020
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1. Noun. A completely lovely and kind person, unbeknownst to herself: she says she is mean and callous, but really is a reluctant sweetheart incognito. She will almost always unknowingly help and comfort the very persons and things she says she dislikes - compelled to do so as if in some guilt ridden obligation - and then feel conflicted about her kindness.
Adj. Generally, ironically morally principled.
Adverb. Bestowing kindness reluctantly.
2. Adj. Smokin' hot.
1) Lady: I hate that stupid dog! He barks all the time.

Guy: That dog's owners neglect him and leave outside all day.

(Lady buys dog treats at store and feeds them to dog)

Guy: What? I thought you hated that loud dog?

Lady: I don't know what you're talking about, I do hate that dog... just now I feel bad about hating it and angry at myself for being nice to something I hate, all at the same time.

Guy: You're such a Seneca. Oh, thanks for those cookies. You're so kind and talented

Lady: You're welcome! (She then thinks to herself: I hate that guy)

2) Guy: Damn, girl! You is lookin' seneca today.
by Platynonomopus March 22, 2012
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A school where rich kids and poor kids meet up and call each other hoes this is mostly full of rich white people that get made fun of by the poor Hispanics by the rest of the population and everyone calles each other faggots and hoes plus this fucking school doesn't have any windows
by Jake Roon November 28, 2016
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Known as Embry-Riddle of the north, Seneca college's school of aviation produces the most arrogant pilots out there.
Often filled with young and naive kids who think they become Bob Hoover the moment they pass their PSTAR.
We've got white shirts and black ties, we're basically ATPs.. right..?
Hell yeah dude, Seneca Aviation students are gods gift to aviation
by yungaviator August 23, 2020
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