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A language derived from Italic tribes (A.K.A:”Sermo urbanus”; for French most times although used for other Romance languagesLingua vulgaris”). This language took its script from the Greek language. The language was widely spoken by the Romans and neighboring tribes, and was used as an universal language in the European Middle ages for the educated class. Romanian, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian are languages that come directly from Latin (A.K.A Romance Languages) Latin it is studied for etymology, a better understating of Latin languages and to be able to read roman manuscripts from ancient and medieval times. “Latin people” (Latinos) is an expression mistakenly used only referring to South American people, which should include Western Europeans who inherited the language and some Roman culture. Also means as an historical fact someone who was born and/or lived in ancient Latium in western central Italy. The language it is also used in special Roman Catholic Masses. The word originated before the 12th century from Latin “Latinus” which means of the people of Latium and/or a Roman; from Latium which was an ancient region of western central Italy. To finalize, there are some Latin phrases that are still used today.
-ergo = Therefore; Hence.

-cogito, ergo sum = I think, thefore I am. (From French philosopher Rene Descartes

-status quo = The state in which.

-deus ex machina = A god from the machinery. (An expression that symbolizes an event that resolves an extreme difficulty or a far-fetched event)
by RexNecros October 31, 2004
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There are two known Senecas

Seneca the elder
Born in Cordoba; Spain one of the greatest rhetoricians of Ancient Rome. His idol was the great Cicero.

Seneca the younger
He was an Ancient Roman philosopher, humorist, dramatist and statesman. Like Seneca the elder, Seneca the younger was born in Cordoba; Spain.
Seneca the elder:
"Against a slave everything is permitted.”
Seneca the younger:
"Religion is regarded by the common people as true,
by the wise as false,
and by rulers as useful."
by RexNecros August 1, 2005
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1-Spanish or Castilian is an Iberian Romantic language spoken by about 352 million people. It is considered the third or fourth most spoken language in the world. The Spanish language comes from what is known as “Vulgar Latin”; containing some influences from Celtiberian, Arabic and Basque. Miguel de Cervantes is considered to be the “Shakespeare” of the Spanish language.
2-People from Spain (Spaniards); they are the descendants Celtiberians, Visigoths and Latins.
*note: People usually tend to refer to Hispanic, Spanish and Latino to anyone who comes from the Iberian Peninsula or Latin-American, however this are bad definitions since:
1 Only certain countries in South America, mostly Argentina can claim Spanish ancestry and only the “upper class” of the other Latin-American countries can claim Spanish ancestry.
2 People from Brazil are not Spanish; they were conquered by the Portuguese but they don’t have Portuguese ancestry either.
3 Latino; Latin should only be apply to any of the Euro-Latin countries since they have real Latin ancestry, most people in Latin America have either African ancestry of Amerindian ancestry.
4 There are many different styles to speak Spanish, the “normal” or standard Spanish is the one who uses “tu” or “usted”, the one who uses the “voceo” is also valid and spoken mostly in Spain but some variations of the “voceo” are spoken in regions like Central America or Argentina.
-Que va?
Como estas? Bien, Bien
-Vos habablais el Castellano?
Gusto en conoserlo, os vemos pronto.
by RexNecros June 11, 2005
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Literally means whore. Although in Spanish this word is used as the word "fuck" in English; even though their meanings are different. This word expresses anger, discontent, embarrassment and many more. Could be used as a verb, adverb, adjective, ect. The word pretty much has the same significant popular use as “fuck”. It is important to remember that due to the huge diversity versions and accents in Latin America plus the Spanish accent and version, there are many ways to express oneself in Spanish in the exactly same way. In other words, always keep in mind that a person in Spain will use a different speech method and expression that one from Mexico, Chile or Argentina.
-Tu puta madre = Your fucking mother
-Vos/tu/usted tenes/tienes/tiene una puta actitud. = You have a fucking attitude.(to represent the various ways of using Spanish Vos/tu/usted = you)
-Puta!!! = Fuck !!!
-Ala puta!! = Holy fuck!!
-Aqui esta tu puta comida. = here is your fucking food.
-mamame la puta polla. = Suck my fucking cook.
-Ando putiando. = I'm fucking around.
-Me estoy putiando a tu hermana = I am fucking your sister.
-Me putie a todas esas nenas. = I fucked all those hotties.
by RexNecros October 20, 2004
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Cagada(o) means pooped. But the word in popular means in Spanish means "fucked". Also the word it is in a feminine gender, so the word could change into “cagado” in its masculine form.
- Eso esta cagado = that’s fucked up (feminine)
- Esta esta cagada = that’s fucked up (masculine)
- Que cagada = what a fuck up.
by RexNecros October 31, 2004
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A.K.A Gaius Caesar Germanicus
- Born in August 31, 12 AD in Antium(Anzio).
- About the age of 2 or 3 he became the mascot of the Germanic Roman legions (Caligula, Little Soldier’s boots).
- When he was about 17 years, he began to engage in incestuous relationships with his three sisters; later on he became known for his bisexual incestual orgies.
- When being declared emperor, he ordered a bridge to be constructed from Baeiae to Puteoli(about two miles long) and rode it with his horse and wearing Alexander the Great’s breastplate because an astrologer predicted he had "no more chance of becoming Emperor than of riding a horse across the Gulf of Baiae".
- In 37 AD he fell very ill (encephalitis) and became the person he is known today for.
In June 10, 38 Drussilla; Caligula's most beloved sister died. Some say she died of loss of blood caused by anal sex, or that Caligula killed her because he impregnated her with a divine child that threated his power.
- Made his horse a senator, made a house for his horse, and wanted his horse to be a consul.
- He made a brothel next to the imperial palace featuring the wives of prominent senators.
- In his campaign in Britain he made his soldiers collect seashells as spoils of war.
- He made a statue of him to be erected at the temple of Jerusalem.
- On January 24, 41 AD the praetorian tribune Cassius Chaerea who knew Caligula since infancy and had been one of the best officers of Caligula’s father assassinates Caligula with the help of other members of the Praetorian Guard.
"Let them hate us as long as they fear us"
by RexNecros August 1, 2005
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