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a person who is hated by many for several reason like being stupid at time of total seriousness.
Joey is such a semp always goofing off even during John's funeral.
by THALO August 20, 2006
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a typical goon, known for touching other guys with authority and no regards for there values. Loves spending money on every1 and everythign and will do anything to get in a pair of granny panties. Typically as ugly as macnamee.
If I were a semps, id put myself 2 sleep.
by MikeMalone September 03, 2006
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An individual who talks about their significant other to friends as if they do not care, but when their better half is around, they are completely invested and bending over backwards for their partner.
Typically, a male talking shit about his girlfriend: "She is such a whore! I'm only with her because she is a great lay." Then his friends discover a letter, email or facebook message which displays his softer/in love side. In such a case, friends will call their friend a SEMP anytime he talks more shit or leaves to hang out with girlfriend.
by Stewgriff June 19, 2009
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One hell of a sexy cs player, owns all in quick succesion and pwns nubs
by Roger April 19, 2005
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