1)A term to describe the kind of women's underpants that are considered "uncool" if you're under the age of 60, or something. In this aspect they are similar to tightie whities for boys. Granny pants are usually high cut, with a highly elastic waistband that will come up to at least your belly button. They may also come in floral patterns, pink patterns, or other "old lady" looking styles- just like any other type of underwear, actually, anything's possible stylewise.
People who wear granny underwear usually wear it because
A) their mom bought it for them
B) they don't like thongs or bikini cuts
C) they're playing some kind of sport (oh, c'mon, you don't seriously think that all female athletes wear thongs, do you? Most "sporty" girls underpants are NOT thongs or really low cut.)
D) they just like them and don't care what others think.

Also called grannie panties, granny underwear, etc.
Locker room:
-"Ew, you wear granny panties?"
-"Yeah, that's right, I do. Get over it. At least they don't go up my a** like thongs."
by andriod5 January 13, 2006
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A pair of underwear which are usually A) larger than the woman who wears them. B) Very stretchy and elastic. C) The best pair of undies you'll ever wear.

Most people frown upon them because, as we all know, the smaller your undies are, the cooler you are. But in terms of comfort and practicality they beat thongs by a mile or more.

I wear granny panties because I'd rather have baggy undies than a string in my ass.
by Misfit Toy November 4, 2007
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A term describing underwear for women that sadly might include anything that covers the butt nowadays. Only associated with old ladies or young women considered "losers", which is ridiculous because they look cute on young women, and are 10 times more comfy than a stupid thong which is a constant wedgie.

No matter what you say, it's just underwear so do whatever the hell you want to do.
A tool: Ew since you're a young woman who wears granny panties that are comfortable and don't go up your ass you are a loser!

Young woman: Whatever, if you are that pathetic and shallow enough to judge me by the type of underwear I wear, you should seriously be an hero.
by dkarmiesssy May 4, 2011
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Large, often frilly underpants still rocked by the aging beauties of the Greatest Generation. When worn properly, they hold in a woman's paunch, helping to streamline the figure (and, by that measure, to accentuate the bosom).
However, due to changing fashions, including the popularization of midriff exposure and post-sexual revolution distaste for too many strappy accoutrements, such as garters and slips, granny panties have stopped being associated with classy babes, and are now usually only associated with gross old ladies.
"Ok, I think you can take the curlers out now. How are those granny panties fitting?"
"Um, you know I love you and everything, but why is it your fantasy to dress me up like your grandma?"
"Ew, no! You're supposed to be Lauren Bacall in 'To Have and Have Not'!"
by dimplodocus September 18, 2007
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1.) Underwear women wear because they have no sex lives or hags. 2.) Underwear your mother bought you. 3.) What normal women are forced to wear when all the other panties haven't been washed yet.
Oh God! I forgot I was wearing damn granny panties! Shit, now I can't get drunk and strip!
by MissyLalalala June 25, 2005
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Soft silky underwear that caresses your body, these undies usually incorperate lacy floral designs and come in very feminine colors, If you have never worn nylon hi cut panties you really should try them at least once as they feel so increaable under your dress or dress pants. Try Vanity Fair nylon hi cut panties once and you will never wear a rope up your butt again. (besides really, come on! Why bother wearing anything at all if your gong to wear that little ropey thingy you call underwear) Hi cut panties rule.
"Hey everyone the secrets out! Granny panties aren't just for grannies anymore"
by Soft and silky May 7, 2006
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just one of the many accoutremants a performer must wear underneath a costume when one is a professional dancer. The granny panties are typically beige or nude in color to provide the voyeur with the illusion that they may have actually seen you waxed vulva in one of those intricate moves you busted.
"Leila, are you going to wear that sponge bob thong today? put on your granny panties!"

"you're right, granny panties can hold a lot more crunchy money!"
by MintyLeila July 6, 2005
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