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1. Spelling error on the word "sex".
2. Used to say something is cool.
1. I had seks last night.
2. Man, that guy is the seks!
by Dominion July 22, 2003
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scene/emo kid.

1. A SEK is most commonly seen at open mics and small, underground shows. A SEK is most commonly male. He is normally seen with a group of girls wearing mini-skirts over spandex leggings, which are usually cut mid-calf. If you're lucky, you'll see a SEK wearing colossal white-rimmed sunglasses and little hair barrettes. A SEK always wears stylish pants. A vast majority of the SEK population rocks the chick-pants. SEKs vary in personality, so even though they dress like most everyone else on MySpace, you should probably try to be friends with them.
"Oh. Ehm. Gee. I was at open mic last week, and there were, like, SO many little SEKs doing their hardcore two-steps to acoustic melodies. They're just so SCENE."
by twotonelikewhoa May 27, 2006
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A special squad from the german police forces comparable to the SWAT-Team.
Those guys are summoned to handle armed bank robberies or any incident with hostages - and the like.
Equipped with body armor and the most modern assault rifles existing in Germany at any given time.
The requirements to enter the SEK as well as the wages are pretty high.
Bank Robber 1: Dude, you got the money?
Bank Robber 2: Sure thing - let's get the hell out of here!
BR 1: Shit - you seeing that? Police is already there...
*BR 2 is splattered across the wall by automatic gunfire from outside*
BR 1: WTF they sent the SEK... I'll better get myself an hosta- *gets holes blown in forehead*
by Durel August 07, 2006
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In latvian is used only in one form. “Seks” means that something is lit, dope, cool and beautiful.
Tavs outfits šodien ir tāds seks!

Viņa ig bilde bija ļoti seks.

Tu neesi seks, tapēc tu esi izslēgta no mūsu klubiņa.
by seks696969 June 04, 2018
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Just a fucking bitch and is suddenly way more of a pisstake then usual
Why u being a sek all of a sudden
by Omynott April 17, 2019
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