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scene/emo kid.

1. A SEK is most commonly seen at open mics and small, underground shows. A SEK is most commonly male. He is normally seen with a group of girls wearing mini-skirts over spandex leggings, which are usually cut mid-calf. If you're lucky, you'll see a SEK wearing colossal white-rimmed sunglasses and little hair barrettes. A SEK always wears stylish pants. A vast majority of the SEK population rocks the chick-pants. SEKs vary in personality, so even though they dress like most everyone else on MySpace, you should probably try to be friends with them.
"Oh. Ehm. Gee. I was at open mic last week, and there were, like, SO many little SEKs doing their hardcore two-steps to acoustic melodies. They're just so SCENE."
by twotonelikewhoa May 27, 2006
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