a six pack -this sounds beautifully and delightfully odd!!
i'm going out to get six beers, you want anything?
by michael foolsley December 5, 2009
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That sort of wonderful logical thinking that only comes around the happily drunk stage, after the debris of everyday thinking has been melted away, but before absolute brain paralysis sets in. It can often be accompanied by emphatic verbalisation (especially when no-one else is there) and a forceful jab of the drinking vessel.
"You know what I reckon? I reckon if I shtopped ushing deodorant for a week, my body would automatically readjusht and I'd shtop needing it forever."

"Thatsh shome good six-beer philosophy there mate."
by Cubbs January 18, 2014
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When someone is on the verge of being homosexual or has homosexual tendencies they may be called six beers to queer. After they consume that much alcohol they are likely to show interest in members of the same sex.
Ryan is six beers to queer. He gets drunk and likes to suck dick.
by James1979 August 18, 2006
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The "theory" that when two men are each given a 6 pack of beer and sufficient porn, they theoretically turn gay (or rather, bisexual).
We tested the six beer theory with Bill and Joe, and sure enough, they exchanged numbers after the experiment.
by Mel April 1, 2004
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