Australian Slang, (noun) A person that is totally lacking in fashion sense, motor skills and/or social skills. Usually a total moron, an extremely unpleasant person or an unwanted guest.
Sometimes: A likeable idiot or Bogan (especially in Queensland)
1. No wonder he can't get a girlfriend, he is such a gronk!
2. Why would you "steal my car for the weekend," you gronk!
by Carbona_Not_Glue September 1, 2009
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looser,retard-(also tard),moron
"aw shit i knocked over the bong", "you fuking gronk!"
by xrsize May 15, 2008
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a fool, an idiot, a dickhead, a silly person
ur a gronk dont burn his pants!
by Anonymous April 30, 2003
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A derogatory term used to refer to the homeless, particularly those in Seattle.
Anyone know what neighborhood I should move to if I don't want to put up with gronks?
by SeattlelttaeS November 9, 2021
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A citizen who was born in or lives in the Australian town of Cessnock. They wear cheap plastic thongs, footy shorts and walk around proclaiming about how great there local football team "The Goannas" are.

Person 1: Hey look at that gronk!
Person 2: Yeah hes from Cessnock, go easy on him mate.

Hey you Cesnnock Gronk, get a job ya dole bludger!
by ahooya May 17, 2006
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a disgusting lad. Most likely spits every 2 seconds and has lots of stds
guy: *spits*
guy 2: eww quit being a gronk
by mad eshay June 24, 2020
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