noun The sauce that Jack-in-the-box put on their burgers starting in the 1980s. It's the color of thousand island dressing. This "secret" was encouraged by Jack as a way to differentiate itself from the other fast food chains.
Um Fernando, a big drop of secret sauce just flew out of your sandwich and landed in your crotch.
by rich rick March 30, 2010
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the competitive advantage of any business that you'd rather not bullhorn to every Tom, Dick and Harry, usually because it's not in sync with your company's mission statement
TOMS Shoes loves talking about their 1+1 Model of giving, but the real secret sauce to their early success was the way they exploited (err utilized) thousands of free college-age interns who wanted TOMS on their resume.
by TheExpatreneur December 29, 2015
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a yumalicios sauce created by your male lover during sexual intercorse.
Mark Sutphen and Jonh hillier's secret sauce tasted so good on my cookies.
by bonner boy August 3, 2008
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The shit that mickey d's puts on their burgers and shit. and cool special moves that are your own.
Hit me with that burger toss cuz all i want is that special sauce

andrew, kick out your secret sauce
by nitf July 4, 2006
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A homogeneous mixture of two or more condiments found in the fridge. Any number of condiments may be used, such as ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, or soy sauce. Salad dressing may be added as well. Secret sauce is not at all secret, it's just never the same thing twice. It is usually made as a dipping sauce for fruggets.
I was bored with the individual condiments, so I mixed them all together in a big bowl of secret sauce.
by sambarnes February 29, 2008
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The Act Of Finishing Inside Your Girl Before She Tells You She's On Her Period Creating "The Secret Sauce"
A Savage Guy- Ay Bruh, Emily Was On Her Period Last Night.
Friend- Damn Sorry To Hear That .
A Savage Guy- Yeah I Know Dude, When I Pulled Out After I Finished The Secret Sauce Was Everywhere!
by A Savage Guy March 28, 2016
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