A response to something you do not know but cba to answer properly
Person 1: I’ve got a surprise for you
Person 2: Yeah I know
Person 1: no you don’t know it’s a surprise
by massivetraps25 March 19, 2020
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Usually said when a person knows the person speaking to them is right but is usually unwillingly to change. It is more or less a way of agreeing so the person no longer reminds them
You really need to start eating healthier

Yeah I know
by chicagoman619 June 21, 2016
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To begrudgingly affirm your understanding of another person's criticism.
Hym "Yeah, yeah... I know... Always with the 'doing things' with you conscientious types."

Iam "Sorry, we had a rough night... I was not being taken seriously enough in a situation that was potentially life threatening and I needed to vent my frustrations."

Hym "That's the problem with people. They don't take things seriously until it's too late. Maybe if I would ever get some recognition people would take the things I say was a greater degree of seriousness."

Iam "Who are we to..."

Hym "Who is anyone!? There a plenty of people are taken seriously who shouldn't be. Who the fuck are they? What have they done? Why not us?"

Iam "Telling the difference isn't all that easy. We tried our best to relay the information that we thought would be most beneficial."

Hym "And we were largely ignored. At their own detriment"

Iam "Well, we did all we could do. Hopefully everyone is fine."

Hym "We wouldn't have to hope if people would just listen to us. They just don't listen..."
by Hym Iam May 8, 2022
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