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The University of Texas symbol. It's supposed to be the front of a longhorn's head, but it looks a lot like the ventral profile of a woman's womb.
Many longhorns wear burnt orange shirts with a white UTerus on them.
by sambarnes March 1, 2008
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a neighborhood or area where drug dealers and their customers congregate. Typically this is located in the inner city.
be careful. The bus station you are getting off at is in the middle of crackistan.
by sambarnes March 2, 2008
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A nickname for pope Benedict XVI. Along with other terms such as papa ratzi, B16, and papa ben, this phrase may be considered either endearing or offensive, depending upon whether the speaker is a practicing Catholic or not. (similar to the N word among Blacks). German shepherd is a pun on the pope's German background and his role as shepherd of the Christian church, and it plays on the practice of some members of the media calling him a rottweiler during his days as head of the CDF.
by sambarnes February 16, 2008
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(verb) to grip or hold something with the inner thighs while sitting in order to leave one's hands free. This is almost always done in a vehicle with a fast food item, such as a beverage or carton of fries.
We're out of cup holders; looks like I'll have to crotch my root beer.
by sambarnes February 16, 2008
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A diet that consists in approximately one meal a day. This meal is often of little or no nutritional value, and may be fast food or even a bag of chips from a vending machine, eaten while sitting in class waiting for the prof to arrive.

The college diet can be employed for a number of reasons, chief among these are a lack of funds with which to purchase food, or a lack of time in which to prepare and eat a balanced meal. Lack of desire or perceived need to eat because of side effects from ADD medicine or other sources is also a cause.

Weight loss is inevitable when the college diet is combined with the natural daily exercise one gets from walking from class to class carrying a heavy backpack.
I have no time to eat in college; I'm on the college diet.
by sambarnes February 25, 2008
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A meal consisting of French fries and chicken nuggets: a staple of young people who don't like to cook, but know how to use an oven. Fruggets are often served with secret sauce on the side for dipping.
I fixed up a hot plate of fruggets during my lunch hour.
by sambarnes February 29, 2008
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Someone who uses braille as their primary literacy medium.
A braillien can read in the dark.
by sambarnes April 22, 2008
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