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Someone who, while living in a foreign country, commits to the process of starting their own business.
Jim did a three year tour in Seoul where he became an expert on the local cuisine. In true expatreneur fashion, he moved back to Texas and opened a Korean restaurant.
by TheExpatreneur December 27, 2014
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An imperative statement usually used in business contexts that implores people to know what they're talking about (particularly in regards to content and trending topics). I think of it as 'get a clue' meets 'know your shit' meets 'get your shinebox' meets 'get fucked'.
The new employee claimed on his CV to be 'Proficient in Market Trends'. Then we got to talking about the Sharing Economy and he'd never heard of Airbnb. I told him to get versed or start looking for a new job.
by TheExpatreneur July 13, 2015
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Refers to the February 2022 'scandal' where Snoop Dogg got caught on camera smoking a joint at SoFi Stadium in LA before leading the Halftime Show at Super Bowl LVI in his hometown no less.
The funny thing about 'jointgate' was how the backlash Snoop Dogg got on Twitter for smoking a joint at SoFi Stadium was met with 10x more backlash to the backlash.
by TheExpatreneur February 24, 2022
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Think of SNS-pionage as the sophisticated first cousin of Facebook stalking. Its application is oriented more towards organizational contexts (hiring, market research on competitors) so Linkedin is groundzero for this phenomenon.
I didn't take the Sherlock Holmes of SNS-pionage to uncover that Anthony Weiner is a creep.

The job candidate was okay on paper but there was something off. It may be time for some SNS-pionage.
by TheExpatreneur May 22, 2014
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I've been to boxes all over the world and this my favorite box.

That box is way too crowded. I'd just as soon go to a globo gym.
by TheExpatreneur May 25, 2014
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Someone who talks a big game about being or becoming an entrepreneur but is pretty much full of shit and will never actually do anything.
Joe wouldn't shut up about the Crossfit Express Gym he planned to open in Incheon Airport even after read him the riot act on entry barriers and so on. Classic wantrapreneur.
by TheExpatreneur December 29, 2015
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A marijuana enthusiast looking to make a dollar and a cent in the industry.
My buddy just moved to Denver to open his own shop. He knows pot from a business side and the scientific side. He's a natural Ganga-preneur
by TheExpatreneur August 14, 2014
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